donderdag, januari 04, 2007

VMware: Workstation 6 first impressions

Ah, I love new releases. VMware WS 6 beta is no exception. There are tons of new (useful) features available. Included is the new VMware Converter (also in beta now). You can now import almost any format!

I really like the mapping of a vmdk in your host. It maps a drive like a network share (say Y:) and you can copy files into/out of the folders. Oh yes, shared folders are now disabled by default, so be aware of that. Also, you can only map a drive when the VM is shutdown. Do not forget to Disconnect it afterwards.

Another great feature is running VMs in the background.

I also like the Change Virtual Machine Version feature they included. You can convert your machines to be WS 5 or 6 compatible & back. USB 2.0, 8 Gb memory & 10 ethernet devices. Wow, why on earth would you need 10 ethernet devices in a VM :)??

Upgrade VMware tools anyone? Finally they got this one right.

Hmmm, hmmmm. I REALLY like this feature: the working directory.

From now on, for performance reasons we will be using 2 external USB drives instead of just one. One for the VMDK files (and friends), the other for our suspend and snapshot files. Great.

There are tons of other little things & features. Just check them out yourself by downloading WS 6 here! I'm glad I did.

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