maandag, januari 15, 2007

VMware: replacing HBA drivers on HP Proliant servers

After installing the HP Management Agents for VMware ESX Server 3.x (latest version is 7.7.0), no HBAs are visible in the HP Management Homepage. We use Emulex as an example:

  1. Navigate to the Emulex website and download the latest LPfcUtil (lpfcutil-7.3.2.tgz for ESX 3.0.1)
  2. Untar this tgz in the /tmp folder on your ESX host: tar -zxvf lpfcutil-7.3.2.tgz
  3. Stop the hpsmhd & hpasm agents by issuing the commands: service hpsmhd stop & service hpasm stop from the service console
  4. Navigate to /opt/Compaq/storage/bin and enter mv This creates a backup of the file
  5. Navigate to /tmp and execute the following command ./
  6. Start the hpsmhd & hpasm agents by issuing the commands: service hpsmhd start & service hpasm start from the service console
  7. Check the HP Management Homepage by going to https://<servername>:2381 . A new item under Storage, “External Storage Connections”, should now be visible!

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Anoniem zei

FYI, this procedure will not work with Emulex LPe10000 series cards. The package only supports up to LPe10000 series cards. I tried this on 4 of our ESX hosts, and not one of them would show the external storage connections.