donderdag, december 13, 2007

VMware: Installing Suse Linux Enterprise 10 on ESX

After installing the VMware Tools on our Suse Linux Enterprise 10 guest, we kept losing the network configuration. Apparently, after loading the vmxnet driver there were 2 network cards present.

So here is the workaround:

  • Start yast (or use the gnome desktop to configure yast via the GUI)
  • Click the Network devices link and click on Network Card
  • Leave the default “traditional method with ifup” and click Next
  • Select the current configured card and click the Edit button
  • Write down (copy) the current configuration name (eth-id-xxxxxxx)
  • Click the back button and remove the current configured network card by pressing the delete button. NOTE: only 1 network card should remain
  • Back in yast overview, navigate to Network devices => Network Card
  • Select the card that is not configured and click the Edit button
  • On the configuration name, replace pci-xxx by eth-id-xxxx (written down earlier)
  • Fill out all necessary IP configuration (IP Address, subnet mask).
  • Leave yast and commit your changes
  • Done!

dinsdag, december 11, 2007

VMware: ESX 3.5 / VirtualCenter 2.5 / VCB 1.1 release!

VMware has just released the brand new VMware Infrastructure 3 version 3.5, filled with interesting new features:

  • Storage VMotion
  • VMware Converter integration

  • DPM (Distributed Power Management
  • Clone/provision virtual machines between datacenters
  • An integrated Update Manager (for ESX, Linux and Windows)
  • x64 customization
  • support for 256 Gb ram
  • VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) enhancements
  • and much, much more...

The release notes can be found here