vrijdag, januari 26, 2007

General: To Do list for this year

I made a short To Do list for this year. 2007 will be thé virtualization year (or so they say ;)). So stay tuned for reviews/tips/tricks/...

  • Citrix Prestentation Server 4.5 (Project "Ohio"): testing the new features.
  • Running Citrix on VMware: best practices
  • SVS vs. Citrix streaming server (tarpon) vs. Microsoft Softgrid. Should be interesting to see how Citrix tarpon positions itself amongst the key players in the application virtualization field. To be reviewed soon!
  • Citrix Access Gateway 4.5: a collegue of mine is implementing the CAG Advanced edition (with AAC & endpoint checking), so I will definitely check this one out.
  • Beta 3 of Longhorn Server (aka Windows Server 2007) is coming! Beta 3 of Longhorn Server is expected to be feature complete and will be tweaked only for performance and quality control before the first release candidates. Excellent! I am really looking forward to test all new Terminal Services features & related policies/components.
  • VMware Converter (to be released soon)
  • VMware Workstation 6 (now in beta)
  • The new beta programs for ESX (ESX 3.1 and VC 2.1)
  • ESXpress versus VizionCore ESXranger 3.0 (with VCB integrated).
  • VDI: Citrix desktop broker, LeoStream Virtual Desktop Connection Broker & friends 
  • And last but not least: Microsoft Server Virtualization!

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Rob zei

great Blog! I'd be interested in seeing in the near future the +s and -s of the two backup solutions you mentioned (esxpress and esxranger).

Bookmarked you are sir!