donderdag, april 05, 2007

VMware: bundled patch ESX-6431040

Be aware of the fact that patch ESX-6431040 is a bundled tgz, so it will not work with the ESX autopatching scripts you can find in the community. The following patches are contained within this bundle:

  • ESX-1161870
  • ESX-3416571
  • ESX-5011126
  • ESX-7737432
  • ESX-7780490
  • ESX-8174018
  • ESX-8852210
  • ESX-9617902

I personally unpacked the main patch, repackaged all extracted patches (they have a normal patch structure and are extracted in subdirectories) and added them to my patches list.

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Eric S zei

Working with the autoscript found here