dinsdag, februari 27, 2007

VMware: MSA 1000/1500cs optimal config (Active/Passive)

When configuring an MSA 1000 or 1500cs, use the following recommendations/guidelines (this for Active/passive or single controller setups):

  • Make sure you have the recommended firmware version. Currently, for MSA 1500cs this is version 5.10. Minimum version is 5.02. Minimum version for MSA 1000 is 4.48 (is also the recommended version).
  • Make sure Selective Storage Presentation is enabled (can be done via the ACU) and the Host Mode for your HBA connections is set to Linux (NOT default). This is true for VMFS and RDM LUNs. Mode can also be set via the command line.
  • The Array rebuild should be set to "High"
  • Make sure all shelves (MSA 30 or MSA 20) are populated with at least 1 RAID set and not left empty.
  • Make sure all disks have the latest firmware. This is important (disk threshold metering). Some customers have witnessed problems where disk status was presented as green. However, the disk had failed causing the MSA (or EVA) to fail completely.
  • HP recommends assigning a dedicated I/O module to each enclosure.

HP has a SAN Best Practices paper for VI3. Download it here. Also, make sure to read the Storage SAN compatibility guide

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Xavier y Marcy Elizondo zei

We have 1 msa1000 in A/P config with 2 controllers, 2 2/8 switches and 2 HBAs per server
We use windows with the MPIO Basic but are not able to do an automatic failover, we assumed by disconnecting an HBA or pulling out the Active controller would cause the failover and switch to the standby controller but it does not happen, would you know or recommend how we can achieve automatic failover?

Xavier y Marcy Elizondo zei