donderdag, juni 25, 2009

VMware: creating vCenter database fails: “login failed”

Today we got a strange issue when creating a new vCenter instance on our corporate SQL 2005 server. During installation we got “error 25003: setup failed to create the virtualcenter repository”.


When setting up the ODBC connection, we used the correct SQL Native Client for 2005. ODBC connection to the SQL was tested and working.

However, in the vpxd installation log we got the following error message:

[VpxdVdb] Converted munged password in registry
[2009-06-25 10:05:14.697 'App' 5392 warning] ToUCS2: Invalid UTF-8 sequence during conversion.
[2009-06-25 10:05:14.744 'App' 5392 error] ODBC error: (28000) - [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'VirtualCenterUser’

The problem? Character translation of the vCenter installer failed because we were using a “strange” character in the password (in our case ù). So be careful when using auto generated passwords and check for non-standard character sets!

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