woensdag, september 12, 2007

HP: DL580 G5 released - the virtualization monster

HP has released the G5 version of the DL580. This is a lean mean virtualization machine:

  • Up to 4 Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors with up to 8MB (4x2) shared L2 cache (16 cores in total)
  • Up to 128GB (with 4GB DIMMs, 32 slots!) of 667MHz DDR2 Fully-buffered DIMMs
  • Up to Eleven PCI-Express Slots

This is a great VMware/Viridian/XenSource/... virtualization machine with plenty of room for extra NICs & HBA's. I hope VMware will be able to use this model in their ESXi platform. How hard can it be to stick an extra 32Mb SSD module in this one ;)

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Andrés zei


Is is possible to run ESX on this server and use the SmartStart management tools on a guest running on the server to manage raid, etc?

Anoniem zei

One thing to bear in mind with these virtualisation monsters is price.
Sometimes it is cheaper to buy two DL380 G5's with 64 Gb RAM rather than a single DL580 with 128Gb including the VMWare licenses.
You get 3 PCI slots on a DL380 and can have 2 x Quad core CPU's.
Another advantage of having more smaller boxes is flexibility and not having too many eggs in one basket.
Just something to think about.