vrijdag, mei 18, 2007

Microsoft: Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008

Patrick Rouse has written an excellent article on new TS features that will be available in Windows Server 2008.

To summarize:

  • TS Easy Print: this will be Microsoft’s answer to Universal Printer driver solutions. As you know, there was already a “fallback” mode available in Windows 2003. TS Easy Print will be available with the new RDC 6.1 client
  • Per-Session default printer: This feature ensures that different sessions logged on with the same user name retain session specific default printers
  • SSO (Single-Sign on) when using Vista/Server 2008 combinations. 
  • Dual-monitor support
  • Terminal Services RemoteApp: his feature provides Seamless Windows & Session Sharing functionality to users with Remote Desktop Client 6.x. Also, Session sharing will be available (as seen in Citrix MPS releases)
  • Terminal Services Load balancing: With the new Terminal Services Session Broker, Win2K8 Terminal Servers can be effectively load balanced based on:
    • Session Count
    • Weight
    • Black hole avoidance (avoid a new TS from being overloaded with new logon requests)
    • Drain mode (aka redirect new logins to other TS servers)
  • Terminal Service Web Access: Similar to Citrix Web Interface, this IIS Portal delivers RemoteApp Connection information to a client with the Remote Desktop 6.x Client.
  • Terminal Services Gateway: Similar to Citrix Secure Gateway, this feature provides RDP over HHTPS (443) traffic from DMZ to your trusted network.

Definitely check it out here

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