zaterdag, september 23, 2006

Softricity: Altering the content directory to a global UNC

Hi all,

I would like to share this one with you:
Recently, I installed 2 VAS servers (Virtual Application Servers) and shared the database with a SQL server. So, from that moment on all config was shared between my 2 VAS servers (SR-VAS01 and SR-VAS02). But then I realised that, without using NLB you could not "share" the content directory between them. You always had to point to 1 of the VAS servers. So I installed a 3rd fileserver with a shared content directory (sr-fs01).

OK, here's what I did:
  • First, change the LOGON account for the Softgrid server service from Local system to a service account (I used svc_softricity as the service account)
  • Create a share on your fileserver named content and give read permissions (NTFS and share) to this service account
  • In the Softgrid Management Console, rightclick the server name and select system options. Change the default content path to \\sr-fs01\content

  • Change the path in the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Softricity\SoftGrid Server\CurrentVersion\SOFTRICITY_SOFTGRID_CONTENT_DIR to the UNC path (\\sr-fs01\content)

  • Have phun!

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