zaterdag, juli 22, 2006

iSCSI tutorial for ESX 3.0 with WinTarget

Hi guys,

I decided to write a small tutorial on iSCSI configuration with ESX 3.0. I used the Sofware Initiator build into the latest ESX 3.0 to configure a small iSCSI testenvironment with WinTarget (recently bought by Microsoft).

Ok, here's how I did it:
- First, install f.e. Windows 2003 server on a dedicated iSCSI box. I used an old Proliant 1600. After the initial config, install WinTarget on it. You now have 2 options:
1) use a complete volume as an iSCSI LUN
2) use a file as an iSCSI LUN
I used both for testing :)

- Configure a host(s), f.e. esx1 and esx2 with the appropriate IQN name (i used for example) and add the freshly configured devices/disks

- DO NOT configure the software iSCSI configuration via the VI client, but use the tips in Mike's Service Console guide.

  • Create a VMKernel switch (via Add networking)

  • Remember to set the default gateway for the newly created VMKernel switch

  • Use the commandline to enable the vmhba40 (Software iSCSI initiator) and add the IP of your iSCSI target.

    • Use the command esxcfg-swiscsi –d and esxcfg-swiscsi –k to disable & kill all iSCSI processes

    • Next, use the command esxcfg-swiscsi –e to enable it

    • Use vmkiscsi-tool -D -a vmhba40 to add the iSCSI target's IP address

    • Now try executing vmkiscsi-tool -l -T vmhba40 to see if it recognizes the iSCSI target. It will tell you "No targets are configured" if it does not see anything

    • Now is the time to fire up your VI client & do a rescan (in Configuration => storage adaptors)

    • Create a VMFS

    • Done :)

You can also use f.e. Openfiler (Beta 2 version), Fedora Core, etc.
Just try it, you will like it!

Greetz, Vince

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